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About the last year of the Museum Education Monitor (2015)

Museum Education Monitor (MEM) tracks and records research and resources in museum education worldwide. The aim of MEM is to help create a 'road map' to new and current learning in museum education. Its goal is to enhance the development of theory and practice in the field by both academics and museum workers. MEM evolves in response to the expressed needs and interests of its subscribers. To date there are over 1000 subscribers in countries around the world, including Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Australia & New Zealand, India, China, France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, and many other countries! Click here for a sample copy.

MEM is an entirely electronic newsletter delivered in PDF format directly to your in-box or available by download from the site. As this is the last year of operation for the Museum Education Monitor, there is no charge for a subscription. All subscriptions are free with an end date of December 2015.

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  • Unlimited access to our searchable online MEM Archives holding issues back to our start in February 2004. Once you've signed in as a subscriber, you can:
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Want to share your ongoing research, evaluation and recent resources with MEM readers?

Monthly themes orient each issue but are not exclusive:
  • January - Theses & Dissertations
  • February - 'Free for All'
  • March - Children's Programs
  • April - Adults & Older People
  • May - Art
  • June - History
  • July - Science
  • August - Internships
  • September - School Programs
  • October - Family Programs
  • November - Staff/Volunteer Training & Development
  • December - 'Year's 10 Best Museum Ed Books'
Submissions are generally due the third Friday of the month. For more information on this month's MEM call, please visit What's New? Visit the MEM Blog, FORUM for past research & evaluation listings.