Consulting Services

I am happy to provide one hour free consulting if you are considering a project, big or small, in one of these areas. Contact me here.

I bring to my consulting practice more than three decades of experience working in museums, galleries and historic sites,
beginning as an architectural researcher, a costumed historical interpreter, and the curator/director of first a community history museum and later an historic house/art gallery. Since becoming a consultant in 1988 I have worked with a variety of clients including art galleries, community museums, heritage sites, archives and professional associations and government agencies at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.

I provide purpose-built solutions tailored to each unique setting. In order to help a client achieve his or her mission and goals, I am able to:
  • Research good practices
  • Provide advice on informal learning, museum education and historical/natural interpretation to assist the development of new museums, galleries and heritage sites
  • Facilitate overall strategic planning, development, and implementation for existing museums and heritage sites
  • Carry out community consultations and needs assessments
  • Review and evaluate the impact of existing museum education programs
  • Identify and develop training and professional development opportunities for staff and volunteers
  • Help create and build up new programs, both in-person and Web-based, for people of all ages